Safety measures in the Abbázia Hotels

Dear Guests!

Following the rules and health-protection actions introduced due to COVID-19 is obligatory. Complying with the decisions and guidelines of the Hungarian Government and responsible authorities should be our common objective. That is why, informing our guests about the rules in daily operation of our hotels is so crucial for us.

We operate on all areas in accordance with national and international recommendations and orders. Our priority is to create a liveable environment for all our guests. We are considering the changing circumstances, so everyone can enjoy the stay in our hotels.

Please read the following instructions carefully, based on the guidelines of the Hungarian Tourism Agency:


  • The surface of the reception desk, the entrance, lobby and tables are being sanitized with virucidal disinfectant at least 3 times a day.
  • Hand disinfectant on the desk - for both guests and staff members - is provided.
  • Staff members are to ensure safety by reminding guests to respect physical distancing.
  • The working stands are located at least 1,5m from each other.
  • Clear protective barriers are visible in between guests and staff members at the front desk to prevent droplet infection.
  • We are going to inform you about all the safety measures, important rules to know upon arrival.
  • We disinfect the room keys, guest amenities, and other items before handing them to our guests.
  • We provide advance online payment and cashless services.

Public spaces

  • We sanitize the public areas with virucidal disinfectant at least 2 times a day.
  • We arrange seating areas, in a way, so that groups of guests are at least 1.5 m from each other.
  • Outdoor public spaces such as swings, playgrounds we do sanitize at least twice a day, or after usage.


  • Outdoor and indoor pools operate with a personal supervision where at least 1.5 metres’ distance is to be kept between each other.
  • Hourly ventilation of indoor pool and recreation areas.
  • Outdoor and indoor pools can be used only after taking a shower. It is also advised to take a shower also after using the swimming pool.
  • Disinfection of pier rails, pool rails, and other handrails assisting entry into the water every 30 minutes.
  • When maintaining the hygienic condition of common areas, changing rooms, showers, swimming pools, other surfaces, foot washes, full compliance with the required cleaning instructions is required.
  • Hand disinfectant is placed for both guests and staff.
  • Toilets are sanitized in every hour, changing rooms and lockers every two hours.
  • Strict adherence to and control of water treatment regulations for  pools  with water circulation pumps (e.g., chlorine levels), based on NNK guidelines.
  • After massage all items are disinfected.

Cleaning the rooms

  • Daily virucidal disinfection of frequently touched surfaces in the room: door handle/handle, telephone, lamp switch, cabinet and drawer handles, television remote control and keyboard, desk, bedside table, wash-basin and faucet, shower faucet, soap dispenser, toilet flush handle.
  • Providing cleaning staff with the necessary equipment: facemask, gloves. Our stuff is always disinfecting hands before entering a room.
  • During the cleaning, the rooms are ventilized.
  • In case of possible hand washing: washing, disinfection, drying.
  •    If the room has a balcony or terrace, it is mandatory to disinfect the furniture there.
  • Washing of textiles: heat disinfection is preferred during the laundry process in accordance with local regulations.

Restaurant and pub

  • The entire catering unit is disinfected at least twice a day.
  • Virucidal hand disinfection is provided in guest spaces.
  • Where possible, cashless payments (credit cards, smart devices, etc.) are used.
  • Paying colleagues pay close attention to disinfecting their hands before and after pay.

Our Apartment-hotels show their true advantage right now – they are equipped with a kitchen, so you can enjoy your stay with self-catering as well. Club Dobogómajor, Petneházy Hotel and Abbázia Country Club hotels are surrounded by a huge natural area, so you can also spend your time outdoor, with countless activities on fresh air.

Our Colleagues are aware of restrictive measures to avoid any inconvenience. We also monitor their health. We know that some guests are planning their stay with us from a long time, but we kindly ask you to arrive healthy. It is also our common safety to keep at least 1,5m physical distance. We are also calling your attention to use the hand disinfectants frequently.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our Hotels with our usual hospitality and memorable experiences!

Team Abbazia